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This site Is For Full Registered Colorful Morgans

This photo page shows some of the lovely colors our Morgans can be

NO PHOTOS on this page can be reproduced in any manner. These PHOTOS are copyrighted.

Menomin Flash Dancer - chestnut with high sabino white markings
Owned by Corine Crossmon - Maine

GSF Aslan - Flaxen Chestnut Stallion
Owned by Karen O'Brien Bell - Michigan

Winter Moon Enlightenment - Grey Stallion
Owned by Douglas & Jeanne Gallagher - Nebraska

Blue Diamond Jester - Palomino Stallion
Owned by Angie Mueller - Canada

Robbi-Sue's Success Story, Lineback Dun Stallion
Owned by Gerald Hess - Texas
Excellent Dun Color Discription

1997 Cinnabar Gold - Very Dark Palomino with curly white mane and tail
Owned by Robert Price - Illinois. Photos provided by Linda Hastings

Constant of Quietude - Flaxen Stallion
Owned by Larry & Shoneth Salsman - Nova Scotia, Canada

S Bar B Pierre Noire - Lobo Dun Stallion - throwing 80% Palomino & Buckskin
Owned by Harvey & Lois Seidel - Wyoming

Amberfields Desperado - Creme Stallion
Owned by Judy Hinman - New York

LSR Tanqueray Sterling - Flaxen Chestnut Mare
Owned by Elaine Hickman - California

P-CU-P SUM BARIAN - Black Stallion
Owned by Les & Cheryl Glimm - Alberta, Canada

High White Revolution - Sabino Stallion
Owned by Jennifer Monroe

Coal Creek Honeypatch & Filly Severn Hill Good As Gold - Palomino Mare & Filly
Owned by Anne Byrd Donaldson - Maryland

Kennan's Supreme Air - Copper Chestnut Stallion w/Flaxen Mane & Tail
Owned by Angie School - Wisconsin

Golden Valley Desperado - Chocolate Palomino Stallion
Owned by Brenda Vincent - Michigan

Chesterhill James Taylor - Buckskin Stallion
Owned by Jeff & Julie Heise - Wisconsin

Quietude Winterset - Flaxen Russet Chestnut - Sabino
Owned by The Quietude Stud - West Virginia

PH's High Treason (raf) - Chestnut Sabino Stallion - For Sale
Owned by Susan White - Virginia

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