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Colorful Baby Page

This site Is For Full Registered Colorful Morgan 2002 Foals
These are some colorful foals for your consideration. Prices subject to change without notice.

NO PHOTOS on this page can be reproduced in any manner. These PHOTOS are copyrighted.

This background was made by Julie Heise, all rights reserved.


Born 4-20-02; Sunup Neptune x Ragtime Sarah Lee (x H-Saracen), solid bay colt, excellent old type conformation, imprinted at birth, loves people, very athletic. Don't miss out on these great old bloodlines. His yearling full sister sold before weaning! $3500 Email:


Palomino Colt (Mineral's Golden Odyssey x Arizona Stormie Moon) Born on 4/17/02 and he is for sale. We have photos of him that you can view at: Colt

Mark & Debbie Smith - 623-386-5646 - PO Box 84, Arlington, AZ 85322, Email: DesertRyder


UCM Yukon Gold, C.M.H.A. raf - KRP Amigo Dan De (Sunup Neptune x Hot Fudge Swirl) x Katie (Shatona Karzan X Contessa). Gorgeous Buckskin Colt born 04-15-02. Typey, beautiful head, great conformation, sweet foal. $3700.00 US Funds before weaning - click here for photo: Yukon Gold - Gord and Mary Freeman, Upper Canada Morgans, St. Thomas, Ontario N5P 3S5 519-631-2750 or E-mail:


KWR Wildstorm AfterMidnight known as "Andy" - Born 5/1/2002 - Imprinted at birth. Out of Ryegate Surprise X Appletree Pure Elegance. This little fella will be Brown. He already loves to jump and should mature to 14.3 hands. $1500.00 before weaning $2000.00 after weaning. His confirmation is perfect. Nice straight legs.

Tom & Shana Vincent: Wild Rose Morgans - Email:


Amberfields Beacon raf - should mature 15.2H+ - (Lighthouse Rhett X Badlands Golden Miss) for sale in Missouri, $2500, Judy 315-861-7696. - Click here for photo: Beacon

New York

Attention colorful breeders! Amberfields Sand-N-Sable is a rare Perlino filly (Amberfields Desperado X Kutenai Shoshoni Star) pretty head, solid correct body and sensible, sweet disposition, should mature 15.1H+, if you want to add a guarenteed color producer to your herd, here she is! pix at 1 week, serious inquiries only! contact Judy Hinman 2705 Vidler Rd. West Edmeston, NY 13485, or ph 315-861-7696, transport can be arranged! Click here for photo: Sable

Wonderful and rare cremello filly,Amberfields Ice Maiden, born May, 02(Amberfields Desperado X Up -Hi Iron Maiden), this filly combines WWF and eastern lines, she has been imprinted, and gentled, runs to greet you! Laid back shoulder and natural action, a homozygous color producer for the serious breeder. sire 15.3H, dam 15.1H, conatct Judy hinman, 2705 Vidler Rd. West Edmeston, NY 13485, ph #315-861-7696. Click here for photo: Maiden


I had duns this year by my grulla stallion Stormwashed 00138902 two are registered Morgan colts and are for sale the first born 5/11/02 is what I believe to be a composite grulla having both the dun(grulla) from his sire and the creme from his dam Amberfields Anthem Moro 00145961 a sooty Palomino daughter of Amberfields Desperado he is for sale at 5,000. The other is a red dun out of Tigers Silent Saint 00106977 he is for sale at 3,500. Email: Barb Laudenslayer


Rosewater Anna Darling - AMHA raf - (Motif Hill Marquisee x TOV Paulina Darling) Pretty filly born 4-20-02. Very leggy, great conformation, sweet baby. $2500.00 before weaning - click here for photo: Anna. Julie Heise, S47 W36358 Hy C, Dousman, WI 53118 - 262-965-2116 - Rosewater Farm

Julie Heise

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